Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wild Streak II

We'll probably never know for sure. Nic Papalia, who advocates for the maligned dingo back in Australia, didn't think I was crazy when I sent him pictures-- Barley could be a twin to his own lovely (and mordantly named) Lindy.

Nic's dingo gallery

On the one hand, even given the existence of a black market in endangered dingoes, it's really hard to imagine one showing up in a shelter on this side of the Pacific. On the other, Barley performs the part so persuasively-- from her prehensile front claws to the white tip of her tail, from her contortionist's flexibility to her regal independence from human opinion-- that we've never been able entirely to dismiss the possibility. We could send a sample from the lining of her cheeky cheek off to a man at the University of New South Wales who performs genetic testing for conservation purposes, but we'd rather live with this golden dollop of mystery. Barley is our day glow.

The Wiggles sing a dingo tango.

I miss Steve Irwin.

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