Friday, August 31, 2012

Get it right from the wolf's mouth

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar.
There are many good reasons (honest!) that I haven't posted here in so long, but the best of them is that I've been working on a spanking new blogsite, The Mouth of the Wolf. It's the home to two new blogs: Positively Kick Ass (for anyone who suspects that "nice" is overrated) and Animal Exuberance (for anyone whose fascination with life & love spills beyond the human realm - but not like that).

What does this mean for As Good As I Wanna Be? A relatively quick and I hope painless demise. I'll be raiding my archives for a few good posts (the open letter to Buck Brannaman already has a new home), and soon shutting this site down, doing my bit to clean the virtual streets.

Thanks to all whose curiosity led them here - I hope you'll take the leap with me into the mouth of the wolf and possibility unknown!